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MTN is the trading name of Areeba Ltd which is a wholly owned subsidiary of MTN Group Ltd.

MTN sets its origins in the Cypriot Market as Areeba on July 12, 2004 after winning an eleven round auction bid at CYP 12.750.000. The license covers the use of radio frequencies spectrum and operation of a public mobile telephony network along with the provision of mobile telephony services in Cyprus. Areeba was a wholly owned subsidiary of Investcom LLC Luxemburg, which in May 2nd, 2006 Investcom LLC was acquired by the South Africa-based multinational telecommunications company, MTN Group.


Address Details #1
Location Nicosia
District Nicosia
Country CYPRUS
P.o. Box 20683
P.o. Box Postal Code 1662
Contact Name Kyriaki Orphanidou
E-mail info [ at ]
Phone # (+357) 96 222 222
Fax # (+357) 96 969 375